Our mission

CFO part-time

Our part-time CFOs work on concrete topics and manage your entire finance function on a daily basis. They are supported by DigiDAF’s internal experts on specific subjects (e.g. legal, tax, M&A), which allows you to have both an operational CFO and the range of skills of a large group at a fair price.

Using a CFO part-time with DigiDAF means having an operational CFO and a panel of experts at your disposal.

From 2 to 15 days per month depending on your needs

Transition CFO

Our transition CFOs are specialized in the management of transformation issues or crisis situations (e.g.: transition following the departure of a CFO, tense cash flows, financial risks). Before his intervention you have issues, after his intervention your financial management is functional and your risks are under control.

An experienced CFO you can count on in times of stress.

Full time for 3 to 9 months


Our M&A experts have been involved in numerous transactions in France and abroad. They are particularly involved in capital reorganization (leveraged transactions, profit-sharing for key managers), external growth and debt structuring.

M&A experts from investment funds and investment banks

Our approach

Best practices tested in many companies

Efficient tools to automate low value-added tasks

Stakeholders who are immediately operational

Did you know that?


Qualified financial profiles are difficult to identify and recruit. These candidates are in high demand and therefore available on the market for very short periods.

DigiDAF offers you experienced CFOs. With their experience in several companies, our CFOs bring you their expertise and make you benefit from best practices tested in other companies.

Hiring a CFO can trigger the creation of new positions. The CFO relies on an operational team to carry out routine technical tasks, which allows him or her to focus fully on the management function.

Our CFOs are both strategic and operational. In this way, we can work with you on strategic issues (external growth, search for financing, crisis situations, taxation, legal) but also on the management of operational tasks (process optimization, task automation, implementation of IS tools, accounting management).

This position has a high fixed cost. The financial burden associated with hiring a CFO is on average 100 to 150 k€ / year. This cost can rise to 300 k€ / year if other financial positions are also filled.

Our offer is a variable cost adapted to your activity. We thus ensure you a flexibility allowing to absorb the peaks of load and a flexible accompaniment according to your needs.